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Learn About Sauna Wood Materials

Discover Auroom's selection of premium wood materials tailored for saunas.

Auroom Wood Material

Auroom, a distinguished brand under the Thermory Group, stands as a testament to the pinnacle of sauna wood material craftsmanship. As the world's leading manufacturer of sauna materials and ready-made saunas, this affiliation with Thermory Group guarantees that Auroom products benefit from over two decades of experience and cutting-edge technology, ensuring superior quality and performance.

Auroom's commitment to excellence is evident in the variety of wood types they offer for sauna construction; their use of thermally modified (Thermo-) wood is a process refined through years of expertise and advanced technology that enhances the wood's properties using only heat and steam.

Each type of wood is carefully selected and processed to meet the highest standards of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Let's explore the characteristics of these wood types:

Interior Woods

Wood Type




Natural Alder Wood

Known for its attractive appearance and smooth finish.


Offers long-lasting performance even under intense sauna conditions.

Light Weight

Easy to handle and install.

Water Repellant

Naturally resists moisture, enhancing its lifespan.

Ignite Alder

Natural Alder Wood with Black Finish

Combines the natural beauty of alder with a striking black finish.


Retains the robust properties of natural alder.

Light Weight

Maintains ease of use.

Water Repellant

Excellent moisture resistance.


Natural Aspen Wood

Features a smooth texture and beautiful light tone.

Doesn’t Get Too Hot

Remains comfortable to touch even at high temperatures.

Doesn’t Secrete Resin

Prevents sticky surfaces.

Doesn’t Splinter

Ensures a safe and smooth finish.


Natural Thermo-Aspen Wood

Enhanced through thermal modification.

Light Weight

Easy to manage.


Resistant to warping and deformation.

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly

Safe and environmentally responsible.

Thermo-Process Removes Moisture

Reduces wood’s moisture content, increasing stability.

Exterior Woods

Wood Type




Natural Thermo-Aspen Wood

Superior durability and stability.

Light Weight and Resilient

Combines ease of use with robustness.


Natural Aspen Wood

Aesthetic appeal with practical benefits.

Doesn’t Splinter

Ensures a smooth, safe finish.

Natural Thermo-Spruce

Enhanced Through Thermal Modification

Significantly more durable and stable.

Ideal for Harsh Conditions

Withstands changing weather without compromising integrity.

Black Thermo-Spruce

Natural Thermo-Spruce Wood with Black Finish

Combines durability with a modern aesthetic.

Resistant to Environmental Factors

Maintains its quality over time.

High-Quality Wood Materials Custom Built for Sauna

Auroom presents a comprehensive range of top-quality wood materials, meticulously tailored for sauna applications. Offering an unparalleled variety of natural, thermally modified, and painted wood finishes.

Quality Materials
Auroom is committed to using carefully selected sustainable timber, combined with state-of-the-art technology. This dedication to quality ensures that every piece of wood used in their saunas meets the highest standards.
Smooth Finish
Auroom's wood materials are processed to achieve a splinter-free, comfortable finish, enhancing the safety and comfort of your sauna experience.
Improved Insulation

Thermally modified wood offers better sound and thermal insulation performance, contributing to a more enjoyable and energy-efficient sauna experience.

Benefits and Process of Thermal Modification

Auroom is renowned for its use of thermally modified wood and industrially painted wooden products, catering to both indoor and outdoor use. Thermal modification elevates the wood to the highest durability class. Let's delve more:
High Durability
By altering the physical and chemical structure of the wood, it becomes more resistant to decay and environmental factors, significantly extending its lifespan.
Stability and Insulation
Thermally modified wood is exceptionally stable, with reduced dimensional changes in response to weather conditions. This stability means that the wood is less likely to warp, expand, or contract, ensuring a consistent and reliable structure. Additionally, thermally modified wood boasts better insulating qualities, meaning it does not become excessively hot in the sun and maintains a more comfortable temperature.
In-Depth Modification

Unlike surface treatments, thermal modification penetrates deep into the wood, ensuring that the entire board benefits from enhanced properties. This comprehensive modification results in boards that are consistently durable and stable.

Masterful Craftsmanship
Thermal modification requires precision and expertise. Conducted in a heating chamber with special sensors, the process is controlled by skilled specialists using advanced computer systems. The moisture level of the wood is carefully reduced to 0%, then the temperature is gradually increased, followed by a controlled cooling and misting phase. This meticulous process ensures the highest quality results, with wood that is dimensionally stable and durable.
Aesthetic and Functional Benefits
The high temperature of thermal modification not only improves durability but also imparts a rich, darker tone to the wood. This process also enhances the wood's sound and thermal insulation properties, contributing to a more comfortable and efficient sauna environment.

The thermal modification process is entirely chemical-free, relying solely on heat and steam. This environmentally friendly approach enhances the wood's properties without introducing harmful substances, making it a sustainable choice. Furthermore, the reduced internal stresses and improved stability of thermally modified wood lower material consumption during construction.


Auroom Sauna Wood Materials, a proud brand under the Thermory Group, exemplifies the perfect blend of innovation, sustainability, and aesthetic excellence. With a diverse range of wood types and the revolutionary thermal modification process, Auroom provides sauna enthusiasts with the highest quality materials. Auroom's carefully selected woods and cutting-edge technology ensure a superior, durable, and beautiful sauna experience.

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