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Call Us For Help at 725-777-5484
Call Us For Help at 725-777-5484

Sauna Heater Size Calculator

This calculator gives you an idea of what size heater you should be looking for. There are few factors that you have to consider when sizing the heater:
  1. The size of your sauna: The bigger the sauna, the bigger the heater
  2. The construction of your sauna: If your sauna is constructed from cold materials such as glass or stone, the heater should be bigger than in a wooden sauna. Our calculator takes that in to account.
  3. If you have really large sauna, you may need two heaters. If your sauna is bigger than single heater can handle, we recommend contacting us to get the sizing correct.

When in doubt buy a larger sauna heater

It's not uncommon that you buy too small of a sauna heater. However, we have never heard of a client buying a too-big one. Buying a bigger sauna heater has a few benefits:

  1. Your heater lasts longer when you don't have to run it at full capacity all the time.
  2. You can reach higher temperatures if you want to.
  3. The heat will be more consistent. That is because a bigger heater typically has more stones, which leads to more effective storage and radiation of the heat.

If you want us to help you choose a perfect sauna heater, don't hesitate to call us at 725 777 5484 or use the chat function in the bottom of the page.

The smallest sauna heater in our store is 1.7kW. Then we have a broad collection of 4kW to 6kW sauna heaters, 6kW-9kW sauna heaters and 10kW+ sauna heaters for commercial saunas.


Question 1. Dimensions of your sauna
ft. Or in.
ft. Or in.
ft. Or in.
cu. ft.
First thing to consider when sizing your heater is the size of your sauna. Provide the dimension in feet or inches. In case you already know the total volume, you can just provide that.

Question 2. Total area of cold surfaces
sq. ft.
Glass and stone surfaces are most common kind of "cold surfaces." These kind of surfaces are important to take into account when calculating the size of the heater. Provide the total are in square feet of the cold surfaces you have in your sauna. The most usual surface is the a glass door to your sauna.
Note: The floor does not matter. Do not add the floor to the total area.

Question 3. Preferred Brand
Select your preferred brand:

Last thing to consider is the brand of the heater. Different brands have different sizing guidelines. This is because there are slight differences in the constructions and other technicalities.