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Call Our Sauna Experts 725-777-5484
Call Our Sauna Experts 725-777-5484

How to Use Our Quote Form

Step 1.

The Quote Form will be available at the bottom of the pages for selected high-end products. If you are interested in receiving a quote for these products, look for the form at the bottom of the product page. When you find it, simply press 'Start' to begin the quoting process.

Step 2.

If you wish to receive a quote for a single item:

  1. Click the 'Start' button.
  2. Enter your contact details and any optional message.
  3. Add the product you are currently viewing, in the quantity you desire, to your 'Quote Cart'.
  4. If you want a quote for just this product, click 'Submit'.

If you want a quote for multiple items:


  1. You can create a quote that includes several products.
  2. After adding the first product in the desired quantity, navigate to the page of any other product in our store.
  3. The Quote Form will appear on each product page once you have added an item to it.
  4. Continue adding products to your 'Quote Cart' as desired.
  5. Once you have compiled your selections in the 'Quote Cart', click 'Submit' to request your quote."

Step 3.


Within 1 business day after submitting your quote request, you will receive an email containing an electronic invoice with your quote. If you are satisfied with the quote, you can easily check out using a credit card directly through this invoice.


If you chose the option 'I want an invoice, that can be paid via Wire Transfer,' you will receive an email specifically with this type of invoice.


Additionally, if you included any questions in your message when requesting the quote, we will provide answers to those in the same email.