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How to install electric sauna heater from HUUM?

How to install electric sauna heater from HUUM?

In this article, we will go over how to install your HUUM sauna heaters controller unit, main module and sauna sensors. Keep in mind that the aim of this article is not to replace the manuals that come with your sauna heater. You should follow those manuals in your installation. Installation should be done by licensed electrician. We're aiming to give you a general overview of the installation here.

First, we will discuss on how to choose the right placement for each item in your package.

Where to place the temperature sensor?

When installing the temperature sensor, keep in mind that the temperature is not evenly distributed in your sauna. The higher you install the temperature sensor, the hotter the temperature it reflects. Also the closer the door, the colder because cold air always enters the sauna when you open the door. Obviously closer the heater itself you install the temperature sensor, the higher the temperature it reflects.

So where should I install the temperature sensor?

We recommend putting the sensor at least 20 inches or 1.65 feet away from any distorting factor, like the door or the heater itself. Also we recommend putting temperature sensor close to where you and your sauna goers will be sitting.

Never install the temperature sensor in the floor level, nor right on to the heater.

huum temperature sensor placement

Where to place the door sensor?

The door sensor has to be installed on the site of the door where it opens. Install the door sensor on the bottom of the door, so the heat from the sauna doesn't lose up the attachment or disturb the door sensors work.

Where to place the control panel?

Recommended spot for HUUM UKU Control panel is outside of the sauna room. That is because the temperature of the sauna can damage the control panel. In an optimal case, you will have the control panel placed on the changing room or any room next to the sauna where it's not extremely humid or hot.

Here are the temperature ratings for HUUM UKU control panel:

Temperature Rating:  -4℉ to 145℉

Protection:  IPXX (not protected).

In case you have an outdoor sauna in one of the states where it gets very cold during the winter time like Minnesota, you can build a whether proof cover for your control panel and place it inside of that cover outside of your outdoor sauna. Other option is to wire the controller inside your house. You can run a wire as long as you want to from your yard inside of the house and have the control panel inside. The cable used for the control connections is a 4 conductor 26AWG stranded copper wire.

huum uku sauna controller

Where to place the main module?

Main Module needs to be placed somewhere that doesn’t get hotter than 122 fahrenheit and not more than 95% humidity.

Customers usually put this main module into their technical room or where ever it might fit outside of the sauna, in temperature controlled, dry place.

We don’t recommend putting main module into the sauna room, put if you must, make sure it’s as far away from the heater as possible and as low as possible so a place in your sauna near the floor where it’s the least humid and hot.

If you place the main module inside of the sauna, or somewhere outdoors, you should build some kind of protective cover for the main module.

Don't forget that if you have the controller with wifi capabilities, the main module needs to reach a signal in order to use wifi capabilities.

huum main module

Wiring everything together

We don't go over the exact wiring, since that differs depending on the model and the instructions are found from the manual that comes with your sauna heater. We will go over some basics and give you some tips.

First, both the controller and and the sensors need to be connected to the main module. We recommend running the wires inside of the wall, or inside the door frame for example.

Make sure you run the wires correctly according to the numbers. Main module and controller panel should have matching numbers for the connections:

huum controller wiring

Take a picture of the wiring before closing the main module, so if problems arise, you can just send us or HUUM the picture and it's easy to see if wiring is done correctly without having to open up the module.

main module opened up on huum

Testing your installation

You can test if everything is working before adding in the stones. Press the button on the wall mounted controller, spin the dial to choose the temperature and press the button again to start the heating process.

You will quickly now if your installation is working, because the heating elements will start blowing red and the heater will start slowly producing heat.

Don't touch the heating elements. They're hot if your installation is working and you will burn yourself.

Remember that the door needs to be closed for the heating to start.

You can test the door sensor, after the elements start glowing red, you can do this by opening the door and seeing if the heating stops. If the heating stops, door sensor works and is installed correctly.

If you have any questions regarding installation, we recommend contacting HUUM directly at You can also contact us, but we don't have electricians in house, so we can answer general questions regarding your installation.

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