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Call Us For Help at 725-777-5484

Small Sauna Heaters

Compact yet powerful sauna heaters

From this collection you will find sauna heaters with power below 4.5 kilowatts. Collection includes sauna heaters from trusted brands such as Harvia, HUUM and Amerec. Most powerful heaters from this collection are suitable sauna rooms that are at most 250 cubic feet and down from there.

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Sizing your sauna heater

If you are not sure what size your heater should be you can try our sauna heater calculator or contact us and ask. If you are between two sizes, generally go up from there. It is better that your sauna heater is a little bit more powerful than not powerful enough. As a result you do not have use it with maximum power all the time and therefore the heater might actually last longer.

Nordic sauna brands

Currently we offer three different brands. If you are not sure which one to go with be sure to read more about them in their collection pages: Harvia Collection, HUUM Collection and Amerec Collection.