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4kW Sauna Heater

4kW sauna heater is suitable for small home saunas, usually up to max. 250 cubic feet. Sometimes it can be hard to estimate cubic feet, so 250 cubic feet sauna would be for example 6’x6’x7’ or 8’x5’x7’.  When choosing your electric sauna heater, use our sauna heater size calculator to estimate the correctly sized model for your sauna. If you fall between two different categories, it’s good idea to go bigger.

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  • Harvia KIP45W Electric Sauna Heater Package

    Original price $1,698.00 - Original price $2,171.00
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    $1,698.00 - $2,171.00
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    Harvia KIP45W Electric Sauna Heater Package This package includes everything you need to run your sauna: Harvia  KIP45W Electric Sauna Heater x 1 ...

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When choosing your electric sauna heater, it’s a good idea to take slightly bigger sauna heater than what you need. This allows you to reach higher temperatures, in case you want to try very hot sauna sometimes, and also increases the longevity of the heater itself. So if you need 4kW sauna heater, it can be a good idea to consider getting a 5 kW sauna heater.

When it comes to 4kW sauna heaters, there’s 4 different brands available in the US for this size; HUUM, Harvia, HotAss and Amerec.

HUUM is emerging Estonian sauna brand, found in 2012. Design focused HUUM sauna heaters are known from their incredible look and latest technology when it comes to controlling the sauna environment. All HUUM sauna heaters use external control panels, and most of them have WiFi capability. Perfect choice for your modern smart home!

Harvia is a leading sauna manufacturer in the world. It’s ‘the original’ choice of sauna goers since the beginning of times. Harvia is known for extreme reliability, incredible price/quality ratio and extensive product range. No matter the size of your sauna and budget, there’s always something from Harvia that fits your needs.

Amerec is one of the few sauna heater brands headquartered in the US. Amerec has more traditional models, that are especially popular amongst commercial clients.

HotAss, manufactured by Harvia, is an independent sauna heater brand, that has been established in 2020. HotAss saunas, as the name suggests, can be heated really, really hot (212+ Fahrenheit), but can also be used in more natural sauna temperatures. Made in Finland with industrial heating elements and stainless steel construction, these are sturdy bad boys!

We don’t sell any low quality sauna heaters, everything has gone through our strict evelatuation process, so there’s no bad choices in our store. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.