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12 kW Sauna Heaters

12kW sauna heaters are typically suitable for 400-800 cubic feet saunas. Roughly speaking, these are usually 6-8 person saunas, but that obviously depends on the layout of the benches and can be more or less. 12kW sauna heaters are used in residential and commercial saunas. Most sauna heaters in this collection can be wired with 240V/1PH or 208V/3PH. Each product page offers the specifics on wiring and sauna sizing for the heater.

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Sauna Heaters
  • Harvia Club K12.5G Electric Sauna Heater

    Original price $1,638.00 - Original price $1,638.00
    Original price
    $1,638.00 - $1,638.00
    Current price $1,638.00

    Harvia Club K12.5G Sauna Heater - suitable for commercial and large home saunas The Harvia Club sauna heater can produce steam for larger groups fr...

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  • HUUM HIVE 12 kW 240V 50 Amps Electric Sauna Heater

    Original price $1,903.00 - Original price $1,903.00
    Original price
    $1,903.00 - $1,903.00
    Current price $1,903.00

    The HUUM HIVE 12 kilowatt electric sauna heater, inspired by beehive, is an elegant solution for large saunas in for example health clubs, spas, ho...

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  • Amerec Laava-12.0 Commercial Sauna Heater

    Original price $3,140.00 - Original price $3,808.00
    Original price
    $3,140.00 - $3,808.00
    $3,140.00 - $3,808.00
    Current price $3,140.00

    Amerec Laava Series 12.0kW Commercial Sauna Heater Amerec Laava 12kW sauna heater is designed for commercial sauna rooms up to 740 Cubic Feet (CF)....

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  • Amerec Pro-12.0 Sauna Heater

    Original price $2,392.00 - Original price $2,392.00
    Original price
    $2,392.00 - $2,392.00
    Current price $2,392.00

    Amerec Pro Series 12kW Electric Sauna Heater The Amerec Pro-120 12 kW sauna heater is designed to heat sauna rooms up to 740 cubic feet (CF). Amere...

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Sauna Heater Packages
  • Harvia Club K12.5G Electric Sauna Heater Package

    Original price $2,844.00 - Original price $3,317.00
    Original price
    $2,844.00 - $3,317.00
    $2,844.00 - $3,317.00
    Current price $2,844.00

    Harvia Club K12.5G Electric Sauna Heater Package for home or commercial use. This package includes everything you need to run your sauna: Harvia  ...

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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Sauna Heater

What should you consider before getting a 12kW sauna heater, or any sauna heater at all? Especially with these bigger models, it’s important to make sure your electrical infrastructure can handle the additional amperage the sauna heater needs to power itself. With 12kW models, that is usually 50 Amps. Another thing I would recommend looking at is the size of the sauna heater and safety distances. If your sauna is already built, make sure you have the suitable space ready before ordering your chosen model. In case your sauna doesn’t have the layout yet, you don’t have to worry about the heater placement, because you can adjust the layout accordingly if needed.

Recommendations From 12kW Sauna Heaters

We have 4 different brands available in the 12kW category; Harvia, HUUM, Amerec, and HotAss. If you’re looking for a sauna heater for your home sauna, whether that’s indoor or outdoor, I would recommend picking HUUM Hive 12kW. HUUM Hive 12kW has a large rock capacity, which gives out incredible steam. You can throw water onto the site of the heater to get sharper steam, or pour it to the top to get mild more even steam when the water travels down through the rocks slowly turning into gentle steam. HUUM Hive models are also incredibly attractive design wise, and make your sauna look its best! Hive is also available in multiple sizes, so you can get a smaller sauna heater, or bigger one and it could still be from the HUUM Hive lineup.

For commercial facilities looking to wire with 208V/3PH I recommend either Harvia Club K12.5G or Amerec Pro 12kW. Both of these models have been made with commercial facilities in mind, so they’re great for running the sauna continuously on a schedule. You can get an additional timer that you wire into the system, and make the sauna turn on automatically for example at 9AM each morning, and turn off at 5PM the same day. Both Amerec Pro and Harvia Club use an external control panel that is wired to the wall outside of the sauna room, or anywhere in the building you wish to have it. Both can also be controlled with an app on your phone (Harvia needs an add on part), which is great for residential clients looking to use either one of the sauna heater models mentioned above. Commercial facilities typically don’t want to use the WiFi capabilities, since there’s a lot of different people running the sauna daily.

Exploring Sauna Heater Options For Different Sizes and Needs

While 12kW sauna heaters are ideal for larger saunas, it’s important to note that not every sauna requires such a powerful heating solution. We always recommend going bigger rather than smaller when it comes to sauna heaters, but it’s still recommended to calculate your sauna size and follow the recommendations accordingly. If you’re considering a smaller sauna for personal use, you can check out some of our smaller sauna heater options.


In summary, choosing the right sauna heater is essential for creating an enjoyable sauna experience. Whether you're outfitting a large commercial space or a cozy home sauna, the size and power of the sauna heater are key considerations. While our 12kW sauna heaters are perfectly suited for larger saunas typically ranging from 400-800 cubic feet, it's essential to consider your specific needs and the dimensions of your sauna space.

If you need help selecting your sauna heater, please give us a call at (725) 777-5484 or use the chat function on the bottom right corner and we’re happy to assist you further.