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Call Us For Help at 725-777-5484

10.5 kW Sauna Heaters

10.5kW electric sauna heaters are typically used in saunas from 390 cubic feet to 600 cubic feet. To give you a better idea about the size, these saunas are typically 8’x8’x8’ or something like that. Saunas with a 10.5kW sauna heater typically sit 6-8 people.

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All sauna heaters in 10.5kW are controlled by an external control panel. This is handy, because you can place the external control panel anywhere outside of the sauna room. The external control panel allows you to control the sauna environment more precisely than you could with integrated control knobs that some sauna heaters still have on the bottom of the heater. All external control panels can be equipped with WI-FI capabilities, so you will be able to control your sauna remotely through an app on your phone!

How to choose the perfect sauna heater for you?

We offer a variety of electric sauna heaters in the 10.5kW range and even more in the surrounding 9kW sauna heater models and 12kW sauna heater categories, so there’s a suitable model for everyone. For those with smaller spaces, our collection of smaller sauna heater options, such as 4.5kW heaters, provides a suitable model for everyone. Our leading brands, HUUM, Harvia and Amerec are all presented in the 10.5kW range.

For residential clients and home saunas in general, I would recommend picking a sauna heater with a large rock capacity. You will have more control over the type of steam you can produce and the look of these heaters is especially appealing. Models like HUUM Steel and HUUM Hive are becoming increasingly popular in the world of saunas. These freestanding models can be placed into the corner of the sauna, or embedded into the sauna benches, which gives you a lot of flexibility in your sauna design.

For commercial clients, I would recommend Amerec Pro, Amerec Laava or Harvia Club. All of these models are available with 208V wiring, which is typically used in commercial buildings. Amerec Pro and Laava, as well as Harvia Club, are also typically used in commercial facilities, which means that they can handle the daily workload especially well. You can also wire the HUUM models with 208V if needed. However wiring HUUM with 208V reduces its power output by 25%, so that has to be accounted for in the sizing of your sauna heater.

Special sauna heaters in this category

Lastly, I’m going to highlight a few special models in this category; Harvia AF and Harvia Virta. Harvia AF is always on sauna heater, so you can just open the lid and jump into the sauna without waiting for the typical 45 minutes it takes for a sauna to heat up. Thanks to its heat-insulated stone space, the Harvia AF is completely safe. Harvia AF doesn’t consume significant amounts of extra electricity, regardless of it being always on. This is a perfect solution for daily sauna goers with a hectic life, who just want to jump in and enjoy the steam without any wait!

Harvia Virta on the other hand, is extremely easy to maintain and perfect for daily use as well. Thanks to its strong structure and design, it’s perfect for people who want to, again, use their sauna daily. The heating elements in Harvia Virta models are not in direct contact with the stones, which makes them last longer (10+ years usually). Harvia Virta also has the Combi lineup. The difference between Virta and Virta Combi is that the Combi model is a steamer sauna heater combination. Combi model has a steamer in the front of the stone bed, which shoots out mild humid steam during the sauna session.

If you need help selecting your sauna heater, please give us a call at (725) 777-5484 and we’re happy to assist you further.