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4.5kW Sauna Heaters

A 4.5kW sauna heater is typically used in small to medium sized saunas, which can typically accommodate 2-3 people. More specifically, 4.5kW sauna heaters are designed for 100 to 210 adjusted cubic feet saunas. To get an idea about 210 cubic feet, that could be for example 7’x5’x6’ or 6’x6’x6’ sauna. All 4.5kW sauna heaters use 240V.

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  • Harvia KIP45W Electric Sauna Heater Package

    Original price $1,698.00 - Original price $2,171.00
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    $1,698.00 - $2,171.00
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    Harvia KIP45W Electric Sauna Heater Package This package includes everything you need to run your sauna: Harvia  KIP45W Electric Sauna Heater x 1 ...

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When choosing your electric sauna heater, use our sauna heater size calculator. You can always take a bigger sauna heater compared to the recommendations of the tool, but you can’t take a smaller one. The bigger your sauna heater, the higher temperatures you can reach. Your sauna will also heat up faster and the heater will last longer when it’s slightly bigger than the minimum required. The hindsight of taking a bigger sauna heater is that it will consume more electricity and also might require a bigger circuit breaker. Contact us for recommendations.

I want to highlight a few sauna heaters from our 4.5kW sauna heater category. First one is Harvia AF450, which is an ‘always ready’ sauna heater. This model is perfect for smaller indoor saunas that you want to use spontaneously. Since AF450 is always on, you can just open the lid of the heater and hop on to enjoy the hot humid steam.

Another electric sauna heater I want to highlight is HUUM Drop 4.5kW. HUUM has become extremely popular over the last 5 years and the Drop is their leading model. This wall-mounted sauna heater comes with an external control panel that can be connected to your Wifi, allowing remote control of your sauna environment through your phone.

When it comes to commercial sauna settings, I recommend the Amerec Designer series when it comes to 4.5kW sauna heaters. The reason for that is you can get Designer at 208V/3PH configuration, which most commercial buildings require.

When you’re replacing your sauna heater, you can consider getting the same model you had before, to make the transition smoother. This way, you might also be able to save money on wiring, since it will be the same as before. However, even if only your sauna heater is broken and not the controller system, we recommend replacing everything at once to avoid having to go back and do it again in a few months or years when the rest of the system breaks down.

Check out our 4kW sauna heater and 5kW sauna heater collections for more options close to this size range.