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9 kW Sauna Heaters

9kW is the second most common sauna heater size on the market. 9kW sauna heaters are usually used in 3-6 person saunas. These saunas are usually between 300-500 cubic feet. You can find the exact sauna size suitable for each heater from the product pages.

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Our 9kW sauna heater category has options from all the leading sauna heater manufacturers in the industry. More specifically, we have Harvia, HUUM and Amerec sauna heaters available in this category.

What should you consider, when selecting your perfect 9kW sauna heater from this collection? Firstly, the design of the sauna has a huge impact on the selection of your heater. If you want the heater to be in the corner, and not take up any unnecessary space, you should go with a wall mounted sauna heater. However, if you want more flexibility in terms of placing the heater, then a free standing model is your choice. Free standing sauna heaters can be embedded into the sauna benches, and they’re also easier to move later down the line if needed.

Few models I want to highlight here are Harvia Virta, HUUM Hive and Amerec Himalaya. Let’s go through them one by one.

Harvia Virta lineup is perfect for frequent sauna goers. These are especially sturdy and easy to maintain. The heating elements in Harvia Virta sauna heaters aren’t in direct contact with the stones, which makes them last forever. Virta comes in with sleek and modern black design. Something worth mentioning is that Virta Combi models are steamer sauna heater combinations, meaning there’s a steamer integrated into the heater, which produces soft gentle steam to your sauna room.

Next we will discuss the HUUM Hive. The HUUM Hive series offers an exceptional range of free-standing sauna heaters. Hive has extremely large rock capacity, which allows you to choose the type of steam you want to produce. By throwing water onto the site of the heater, you will receive sharp steam, and by throwing it onto the top, it will give out milder steam. HUUM Hive collection showcases a variety of models to suit different sauna sizes and preferences. While the 9kW model is a popular choice, the Hive series extends far beyond this.

Starting from the more compact options, the 6kW Hive Mini is perfect for smaller spaces, offering the same quality in a more manageable size. This model and others in the range can be explored in detail at 6kw Sauna Heaters. For larger saunas, the HUUM Hive extends to more powerful models like the 10.5 kW version, which combines high performance with the elegant design characteristic of the Hive series. This and other large-capacity heaters are available at 10.5 kw Sauna Heaters.

Lastly, what about Amerec sauna heaters? Amerec Himalya SL2 is the only heater in the 9kw collection that you can get in 208V/3PH commercial configuration. That makes it a common choice for commercial saunas. Amerec Himalaya SL2 is also popular amongst sauna goers who like the black design of the heater. It's rare to find sauna heaters in black these days, and that makes Amerec a contender for many residential saunas looking for a darker appearance of the room.