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HUUM Steel Sauna Heaters

Innovative Sauna Heater

The HUUM Steel is the future of electric sauna heaters. Made from high-grade stainless steel with minimalistic yet aesthetic nordic design. Steel sauna heaters feature innovative heating technology with large stone capacity. Large stone capacity provides soft and balanced heat release resulting in great sauna experiece.

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Smart Sauna Experience

HUUM sauna heaters are controlled from a control panel. Control panels are sold separately and you will need one in order to use the heater. However this makes possible to control the heater from your smart phone. HUUM provides an app from witch you can control and monitor the heating making it extremely convenient.

Performance and durability

HUUM Steel ships in 4 different powers ranging from 3.5 to 10.5 kilowatts. This means that Steel heaters are suitable for small to medium sized saunas. Steel is also a very good spacing solution because of its shape, it can be fitted in even the smallest places.

Wide range of Sauna Heaters

If Steel is not right for your needs, we offer other options as well. If you are looking wall-mounting heater, check out HUUM Drop. If you are looking completely different sauna heater brand, you can check out our Harvia Collection and Amerec Collections.