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Call Us For Help at 725-777-5484

4 kW-6 kW Sauna Heaters

Medium sized sauna heaters

These medium sized sauna heaters start from around 4 kilowatts and go up till 6 kilowatts. These heaters are suitable for saunas in the range of 200 to 300 cubic feet. If your sauna room is in that range you can find suitable heater from this collection. This collection includes heaters from well-established brands such as Harvia, HUUM and Amerec.

Sauna heaters in many shapes

Our 4 kW - 6kW collection offers diversity in many ways. If your want the most convenient and technologically advanced heaters make sure to check out HUUM Drop sauna heaters. You can control HUUM heaters completely remotely from your phone. If you want traditional excellence and authentic craftsmanship from the home of sauna, check out Harvia KIP electric sauna heaters. KIP might be the most popular sauna heater line that has ever existed. KIP models are reliable and very well constructed, so they can last decades of weekly sauna bathing.

Resources for choosing sauna heater

If you need help to choose the right sauna heater, do not hesitate to ask us. In addition you can try our sauna heater calculator that calculates the correct size for your sauna. If you want additional information about sauna heaters and how to choose the correct one, check out our sauna blog.

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