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Can You Pour Water on Electric Sauna

Can You Pour Water on Electric Sauna

One common question arises for those new to the sauna experience: can water be poured onto electric sauna heaters? This practice, often employed by seasoned sauna enthusiasts to enhance their session with hot steam, may seem uncertain to beginners. This blog post aims to answer this question thoroughly, dissecting the various aspects of pouring water on electric sauna heaters.

Firstly, we'll explore the benefits of adding water to your electric sauna stove and how this simple step can enrich your sauna experience. We'll then discuss the important safety considerations that beginners should consider when adding water to their heater's rocks, followed by a step-by-step guide on how to do so for the best results.

Finally, we'll share some essential tips on maintaining your electric sauna stove to ensure its efficiency and longevity. Whether your electric heater is part of a commercial sauna setup or a home sauna, understanding these elements will enable you to enjoy a safe and pleasurable sauna session, reaping all the benefits of added water vapor during dry heat sessions.

Benefits of Pouring Water on Electric Sauna Heaters

Elevating your sauna relaxation experience can be as simple as adding water to your electric sauna heater. But how does this benefit you? Here's how:

  • Increased Humidity: When water is poured on the heated rocks of an electric sauna heater, it instantly vaporizes into steam. This sudden increase in humidity can lead to improved skin health and enhanced detoxification. The increased moisture can hydrate your skin and open your pores, facilitating the expulsion of toxins.

  • Enhanced Relaxation Experience: The interplay of heat and steam generated from your electric sauna heater creates a comforting environment which promotes perspiration and releases toxins from your body. Here's what you can expect:

    • Muscle Relief: The steam produced can soothe sore muscles or reduce muscle tension caused by stress—the warmth of the steam aids in easing muscular aches, fostering a sense of bodily relaxation.

    • Mental Tranquility: A sauna isn't just about physical relaxation; it also offers mental benefits. The increased humidity and warmth can encourage mental calmness and tranquility, providing a serene space for reflection and peace.

Aromatherapy Enhancement

Adding essential oils or scented products to the mix when pouring water over heated rocks can create a pleasant aroma that enhances relaxation and provides therapeutic benefits.

  1. Eucalyptus: Known for its refreshing and invigorating properties, eucalyptus oil can help clear sinuses and improve breathing. (source)
  2. Lavender: A classic choice for promoting relaxation, lavender essential oil is often used to reduce stress levels and encourage restful sleep. (source)
  3. Pine or Cedarwood: These woodsy scents provide an earthy atmosphere within your sauna space. (source)

By incorporating water into your electric sauna heater routine, you can maximize the enjoyment and health benefits of your sauna experience.

Safety Tips for Pouring Water on Electric Sauna Heaters

Don't get zapped. Follow these safety tips when adding water to your electric sauna heater.

A. Use the Right Amount of Water

Don't drown your heater. Only add a limited amount of liquid to the heater, using no more than one scoopful at once.

B. Avoid Direct Contact with Electrical Components

Don't fry your sauna. Keep water away from electrical components.

C. Keep Children Supervised

  • Watch your kids. Supervise them closely when they're in the sauna.
  • Set safety rules beforehand.

D. Inspect Your Heater Regularly

Don't let your heater go up in smoke. Regularly inspect it for wear and tear.

Check out these maintenance tips for more information.

E. Use Non-Chlorinated Water

Don't breathe in toxic fumes. Use clean tap or distilled water instead of chlorine.

F. Be Cautious with Essential Oils

Don't start a fire. Be careful not to pour oils directly onto the heater.

Follow these tips to enjoy a safe and steamy sauna experience.

How to Pour Water on Electric Sauna Heaters Safely and Correctly

Boost your sauna experience by pouring water on your electric sauna heaters in a correct and safe manner. Here's how:

  • Opt for Clean Water: Start by choosing clean water, free from impurities or chemicals. Impure water could damage your heater or produce harmful fumes when heated. Filtered or distilled water is recommended.
  • Use a Suitable Container: A wooden bucket with a ladle is a traditional and ideal choice for pouring water onto your electric sauna heater. The ladle allows for controlled and safe distribution of the water.

Determine the Correct Amount of Water:

  • Start Small: Pour only a small amount of water—about half a cup—onto the rocks atop your electric heater.

  • Adjust Accordingly: Gradually increase or decrease the amount poured based on your comfort levels.

  • Avoid Overdoing it: Pouring too much water at once can lead to water pooling in the heater, potentially damaging the unit or creating a safety hazard.

Pour Water Safely and Evenly: Stand safely from the heater to avoid burns or injuries from hot steam. Use the ladle to gently and evenly pour water across the rocks.

Monitor Frequency of Water Application: Too much water can lead to excessive humidity levels that could be uncomfortable or harmful. Keep an eye on how quickly the humidity in your sauna room dissipates and adjust by adding small amounts of water as needed.

Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines regarding care and maintenance for optimal performance and longevity of your sauna heater.

Maintenance Tips for Electric Sauna Heaters

Keep your electric sauna heater running efficiently and safely with these maintenance tips.

Regular Cleaning

Remove dust and debris from the heating elements by vacuuming and washing rocks and floor drains.

  • Vacuuming: Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment every three months.
  • Cleaning rocks: Wash rocks every six months with mild detergent.
  • Rinsing floor drain: Clean the floor drain regularly with hot and cold water.

Inspecting Heating Elements & Wiring

Inspect heating elements and wiring annually for wear, damage, and loose connections and call a professional for assistance with any issues.

Monitoring Sauna Room Temperature & Humidity

Invest in a thermometer and hygrometer combo unit to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels.

Replacing Worn-Out Components

Replace worn-out components such as heating elements, rocks, thermostats, and timers with genuine manufacturer-approved parts.

Scheduling Annual Professional Inspections & Servicing

Schedule an annual inspection by a qualified technician to identify potential issues before they become costly problems or hazards.

Can You Pour Water on Electric Sauna FAQs

Can You Pour Water Over an Electric Sauna Heater?

Yes, you can pour water over an electric sauna heater designed for this purpose to increase humidity and enhance the sauna experience but always follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure safety.

Can You Pour Water on a Sauna?

Pouring water in a traditional steam or wood-fired sauna is common practice, but check with your specific model's instructions before doing so to avoid damage or safety hazards.

What Happens If You Put Water in a Sauna?

Adding water to a traditional steam or wood-fired sauna creates more steam and raises humidity levels, enhancing heat perception and providing health benefits such as improved circulation and skin cleansing, but always follow manufacturer guidelines when adding moisture.

Can You Add Water to Infrared Saunas?

Adding moisture is not recommended for most infrared sauna models since it may cause damage to electrical components or reduce efficiency, so consult your owner's manual before attempting this action.


However, safety should always be a top priority when dealing with electricity and water, so make sure to follow our step-by-step guide for safe water pouring.

Proper maintenance of your electric sauna heater is also crucial for optimal performance and longevity.

By taking these precautions, you can enjoy a satisfying and safe sauna experience with your electric sauna heater.

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