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Call Our Sauna Experts 725-777-5484

Harvia Sauna Stone Package

by Harvia
Please note that Sauna Rocks are not sold without a sauna heater! If you order them separately, the order will be cancelled.
Original price $28.00 - Original price $357.50
Original price
$28.00 - $357.50
Current price $292.00
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Get just the right amount of correct sauna stones for your Harvia sauna heater. Just choose your heater model and you're set in terms of stones.


Each variant is specifically tailored to include the correct quantity of sauna stones required for the corresponding sauna heater model it is named after.

Here is a detailed list of the included quantities of rocks:

  1. Harvia Spirit - R991 Sauna Stones - 4 Boxes
  2. Harvia Cilindro - Harvia AC3000 Sauna Stones - 5 Boxes
  3. Harvia Virta - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 3 Boxes
  4. Harvia Virta Pro - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 6 Boxes
  5. Harvia Club - Harvia AC3000 Sauna Stones - 3 Boxes
  6. Harvia Forte - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 5 Boxes
  7. Harvia Legend 240 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 10 Boxes
  8. Harvia Legend 150 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 6 Boxes
  9. Harvia M3 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 2 Boxes
  10. Harvia KIP - Harvia AC3000 Sauna Stones - 1 Box
  11. Harvia TopClass - Harvia AC3000 Sauna Stones - 1 Box
  12. Harvia Linear 16 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 2 Boxes
  13. Harvia Linear 22 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 2 Boxes
  14. Harvia Legend 300 Duo - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 13 Boxes
  15. Harvia 20 Duo - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 2 Boxes
  16. Harvia Pro 50 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 6 Boxes
  17. Harvia Pro 20 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 2 Boxes
  18. Harvia Pro 36 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 3 Boxes
  19. Harvia Vega - Harvia AC3000 Sauna Stones - 1 Box
  20. Harvia WL300 Smoke Pipe Guard Filler - Harvia AC3020 - 2 Boxes
  21. Harvia Linear 28 - Harvia AC3020 Sauna Stones - 3 Boxes


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Question 1. Dimensions of your sauna
ft. Or in.
ft. Or in.
ft. Or in.
cu. ft.
First thing to consider when sizing your heater is the size of your sauna. Provide the dimension in feet or inches. In case you already know the total volume, you can just provide that.

Question 2. Total area of cold surfaces
sq. ft.
Glass and stone surfaces are most common kind of "cold surfaces." These kind of surfaces are important to take into account when calculating the size of the heater. Provide the total are in square feet of the cold surfaces you have in your sauna. The most usual surface is the a glass door to your sauna.
Note: The floor does not matter. Do not add the floor to the total area.

Question 3. Preferred Brand
Select your preferred brand:

Last thing to consider is the brand of the heater. Different brands have different sizing guidelines. This is because there are slight differences in the constructions and other technicalities.


Questions About Harvia?

Questions About Harvia?

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