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HUUM Hive Mini Electric Sauna Heaters

HUUM Hive Mini Electric is a subset of the great HUUM HIVE series at The Sauna Heater. This lineup is known for its eye-catching aesthetics, large rock capacity and free-standing mount. HUUM HIVE Mini electric sauna heater is an extensive lineup when it comes to its sizing. HIVE Mini models come in 6kW, 9kW and 10.5kW configurations and so it’s suitable for most home saunas. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions when sizing the sauna heater.

Sauna Heaters
  • HUUM HIVE Mini 10.5 kW 240V Electric Sauna Heater

    Original price $1,824.00 - Original price $1,824.00
    Original price
    $1,824.00 - $1,824.00
    Current price $1,824.00

    The HIVE Mini 10.5 kW electric sauna heater is the largest one from the HUUM HIVE Mini lineup. Hive mini 10.5 kilowatt can power sauna rooms from 3...

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  • HUUM Hive Mini 9 kW 240V Electric Sauna Heater

    Original price $1,725.00 - Original price $1,725.00
    Original price
    $1,725.00 - $1,725.00
    Current price $1,725.00

    Huum Hive Mini 9 kW sauna heater is handcrafted and designed in Estonia. With the design inspired by beehive, this beautiful yet simple sauna heate...

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  • HUUM HIVE Mini 6 kW 240v Electric Sauna Heater

    Original price $1,615.00 - Original price $1,615.00
    Original price
    $1,615.00 - $1,615.00
    Current price $1,615.00

    The HIVE Mini 6 kW electric sauna heater from HUUM is the slim version of the HUUM HIVE lineup. This heater can power saunas in the range of 176 to...

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Sauna Heater Packages
  • HUUM HIVE Mini Series 10.5kW Sauna Heater Package

    Original price $3,242.00 - Original price $4,619.00
    Original price
    $3,242.00 - $4,619.00
    $3,242.00 - $4,619.00
    Current price $3,242.00

    This HUUM Hive Mini sauna heater package comes complete with the traditionally designed HIVE Mini 10.5kW sauna heater, UKU control (WiFi optional),...

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  • HUUM HIVE Mini Series 6.0kW Sauna Heater Package

    Original price $3,033.00 - Original price $4,410.00
    Original price
    $3,033.00 - $4,410.00
    $3,033.00 - $4,410.00
    Current price $3,033.00

    The HUUM Hive Mini series 6.0kW sauna heater package, complete with UKU control and sauna stones, is engineered for sauna rooms up to 282 cubic fee...

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  • HUUM HIVE Mini Series 9.0kW Sauna Heater Package

    Original price $3,143.00 - Original price $4,520.00
    Original price
    $3,143.00 - $4,520.00
    $3,143.00 - $4,520.00
    Current price $3,143.00

    The HUUM Hive Mini series 9kW sauna heater package, complete with UKU control and sauna stones, is engineered for sauna rooms up to 530 cubic feet ...

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Overview HUUM HIVE Mini Electric Sauna heaters

HIVE Mini heaters come with a lot of flexibility when it comes to placing the heater. The floor-mounting setup provides a lot of options when designing the layout of the sauna. Few popular options are to embed the heater on the benches and another common way is just to place it in the corner or middle of the sauna where there are no benches.

As all the other electric HUUM heaters, the HIVE Mini’s are controlled via a HUUM UKU  control panel. You can read more about the HUUM UKU control panels from the HUUM UKU collection page. HIVE Mini’s can be controlled with any of the available HUUM UKU controllers.

HUUM likes to draw inspiration from nature when they design their heaters and HIVE Mini’s are not an exception to this rule. As you may notice, the heater's name and design is actually drawn from a beehive. Therefore it could be said that these heaters are a combination of nature and modern technology.

HUUM offers  2 types of sauna heater stones: round olivine 12 and round olivine 24 stones. The only real difference between the two is the size. HIVE Mini uses the larger HUUM stones and needs ten (10) boxes of them. We strongly recommend using only the official HUUM stones.

HUUM HIVE Mini Specifications

Mini heaters power output ranges from 6kW to 10.5kW. This means that the heaters are suitable for sauna rooms from 175 to 600 adj. cubic feet. HIVE Mini models have a large stone capacity of 370 lbs. Large stone capacity ensures long-lasting, mild and even steam experience. HUUM HIVE Mini’s are wired with 240V/1PH. You can also wire it with 208V/1PH but keep in mind that it will reduce the power output by 25%.


Output kW (Wired 240V)

Appropriate Room Size

Amps A

Circuit Breaker A

Wire Size


HIVE Mini 6


176-282 ft3




HIVE Mini 9


317-530 ft3




HIVE Mini 10.5


353-706 ft3




HUUM HIVE Mini Accessories

Here are additional accessories for HUUM HIVE Mini (sold separately):

  • HUUM Flange HM - Is used when you want to embed the heater into the benches. Covers the wood around the heater and makes the final result look finished.
  • HUUM Reflect HM  - Used when you want to reduce the safety distances from combustible materials. For example if you want to place the heater to the corner of the sauna, you might need the reflector in order to fit the heater to the available place.
  • HUUM Rail HM - Rail is nice  to have safety item. It makes it harder to accidentally touch the hot heater. It is not only for safety, it is also a very nice way to style your heater.
  • HUUM Air Tunnel - Makes the heater work better. It allows better air flow inside the heater. Can also make the lifespan of the heating elements longer since it prevents them bending inside under the weight of the stones.

Charge Your Sauna Experience Today

If you have a standard sized home sauna, we think that you really can’t go wrong with this heater. However, for example if you prefer a wall-mounted heater or the 6kW (smallest HIVE Mini) is too large for your sauna, we recommend checking out the HUUM Drop lineup. Drop is a beautiful wall-mounted lineup ranging from 4.5kW to 9kW. On the other hand, if you need a bigger heater, be sure to check out the HIVE Mini’s big brother lineup HIVE that ranges from 12kW up to 18kW.

If you are looking for something else, check out all brands we are representing at The Sauna Heater. If you need help with your sauna project, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can chat, call or email us. 

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HUUM HIVE Unboxing and Review

We visited HUUM at their HQ/factory. Check out what we did together.