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Sauna Water Heater

Sauna water heaters are used in remote locations, where the sauna goers might not have access to hot water from the tab. Sauna water heaters are extremely popular in Finnish cottage saunas, where people heat up the water with those wood fired heaters inside their sauna, and then blend it in with cold water they get from a lake or a dwell. This is how they get warm clean water to wash themselves with at the end of the sauna experience.

  • Harvia WP500 Wood Fired Water Heater

    Original price $1,540.00 - Original price $1,540.00
    Original price
    $1,540.00 - $1,540.00
    Current price $1,540.00

    Harvia WP500 Wood Fired Water Heater for your cottage Harvia Cauldron water heater is designed for cottage settings where you need to heat larger a...

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  • Harvia WP800 Water Heater

    Original price $1,818.00 - Original price $1,818.00
    Original price
    $1,818.00 - $1,818.00
    Current price $1,818.00

    Harvia Cauldron 80 Liter (21 Gallon) Water Heater The Harvia 80L heater is designed primarily for heating larger amounts of water in cottage condit...

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  • Harvia WP220ST

    Original price $611.00 - Original price $611.00
    Original price
    $611.00 - $611.00
    Current price $611.00

    Stainless Steel Water Tank Heater The Harvia pipe model water heater is placed directly on top of the stove, and the tank holds 22 litres of water....

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  • Harvia Legend Pipe Water Heater (6.6 Gallons)

    Original price $890.00 - Original price $890.00
    Original price
    $890.00 - $890.00
    Current price $890.00

    Perfectly compatible with Legend stoves, the pipe model water heater quickly heats up your bathwater. The 6.6 Gallon water heater will crown your L...

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Finnish sauna giant, Harvia, is the only one manufacturing water heaters for saunas at the moment. They have two free standing models that need to be lighted separately from the stove itself. Harvia also has an add-on, half of which is filled with stones and the other half has a 6.6 gallon water tank. Harvia Legend Pipe water heater enhances the look of your sauna stove, since it’s wrapped around the smoke exhaust pipe. It also gives you one additional place with rocks to throw water in, to get some softer steam since those stones don’t get as hot as the ones closer to the fire chamber of the stove.

Installing a sauna replacement heater is super simple. If you get the Legend Pipe water heater, you just place it on top of the stove around the smoke exhaust pipe and throw in some rocks for the cage. The Harvia WP models, you need to plan and measure a place to put the water heater in. I have seen most people place it on the corner somewhere near the door, but there’s no official guide to it. If you eventually end up replacing your wood stove or upgrading it, you don’t need to upgrade the water heater since they don’t wear out and there’s no new ones being developed.

When it comes to safety, it’s important to ensure you meet all safety distances. With free standing WP models, you need to keep at least a 6 inch cap to any combustible materials that your sauna might have. You can also build a safety rail around the free standing water heaters. The sauna water heaters are mounted into the smoke exhaust pipe, you don’t need to worry about the safety distances since the stove placement should already meet those.

Explore the water heaters in this collection and choose a suitable one based on your sauna construction and existing stove model. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our sauna experts who are available each business day to help you with your sauna project and needs.